In-Rack Solutions:
Rear Door Heat Exchangers

Learn how a manufacturer of rear door heat exchangers utilized 6SigmaDCX not only to design and test their high density solutions but also promote them to the marketplace.

Design and Analysis of Data Center Cooling Units
Assess performance, develop cooling schedules, and predict cooling unit return or supply temperatures – just a handful of the many analysis and design capabilities that engineering simulation offers the data center operator and the cooling hardware designer.

Design and Analysis of Data Center In-Rack Cooling Solution
Engineering simulation empowers the data center designer, owner-operator and hardware designer to unequivocally establish the performance of in-row cooling solutions without risk and without having to make a single physical prototype.

Design and Analysis of Data Center Rack Enclosures
Establishing the best design rack design for your data hall is made easy by engineering simulation - visualize airflow, assess IT performance, and easily check for recirculation at the press of a button. And for hardware vendors, you can use engineering simulation to validate your design before physical prototyping, and to then help your customers see why your solution is best for them.

Breaking Design Barriers With Engineering Simulation
To scale up and out, Vapor IO has adopted an holistic approach to physical design that starts at the chip and ends at the Facility. Cole Crawford, CEO, discusses Vapor IO's application of 6SigmaDCX in achieving this goal.

Design and Analysis of Data Center Floor Grilles
Engineering simulation allows you to easily design and assess different floor grille configurations, ensuring that you have full control over the path the cooling airflow takes out of the raised floor plenum.

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