The Virtual Facility for Design

Peace of Mind

DCX enables you to prototype multiple designs in your very own virtual testing ground – the Virtual Facility. Whether you are designing a new data center or planning expansions for an existing one, simulation offers you peace of mind that your design will work without leaving it to chance. The VF will enable you to push your designs to the limit.

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The Virtual Facility For Operation

Control the Future

The Virtual Facility empowers you to predict the physical consequences of any change in a risk-free simulated environment. Whether you are making IT or infrastructural changes, predictive simulation will reliably tell you whether your critical IT assets will stay operational without leaving anything to chance. Explain the reasons for thermal and electrical alarms, and test potential fixes before implementing them.

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The Performance Indicator

Assess. Improve. Maintain.

Our engineers can evaluate your operational performance to find an acceptable balance between efficiency and risk. The Performance Indicator (PI) from The Green Grid makes it easy to review your options, before you commit to any of them. Understand your data center as it is today, take greater advantage of newer technologies, and get more from your data center real estate.

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