Complex Geometry

Innovate without Boundaries

Model any Data Center

Whether you’re experimenting with state-of-the art hardware or proposing a complex control strategy, DCX’s flexibility allows you to model any data center configuration.


Intuitive Interface        


Parallel and Cloud Solver


Intelligent Objects

Get up and running in no time. Built on familiar Microsoft Ribbons, the DCX interface makes building and analysing models a breeze. Video Fast and automated, the parallel solver can scale up to make the most of your processing power. Or burst onto the cloud with secure, scalable and unlimited on-demand compute power.
Be more productive. Quick-search the entire list of data center objects, then drag them into your model where they are automatically located and organised.



DC Specific Metrics


Automated Reporting

Model any modern control system: including VFDs, master/slave configurations, group or staged controls using temperature, pressure, humidity or velocity sensors. Visualize the control logic in the control view canvas. Specifically designed for the data center industry, DCX boasts a wide range of industry plots including ASHRAE, PUE, SLA Compliance, and recirculation indices. Automatically generate reports in HTML and MS PowerPoint formats. With unmatched visualizations, include high definition images and animations to show off your models at their best.

Complex Geometry

Comprehensive Library

Drag and Drop Straight into Play

With over 3,500 objects, DCX has the most comprehensive data center-specific library of any CFD suite. The library objects in DCX are built using our engineering expertise and verified by the manufacturers themselves. And the library is continually growing, so if the model you are looking for is not in there, we’ll build it for you.


Time Based Simulation


Use More Fresh Air


Full Power Connectivity

Answer time based what-if scenarios to demonstrate how your data center will perform after a failure or an infrastructural change. Get more efficient. Test the latest indirect and direct free cooling systems including the use of sprays and wet media. Connect the entire power network to show the single line diagram, PDU panel schedules, breaker overloads and phase balance. Test your power network’s response to new deployments.


Stay Connected


Proven Accuracy


Failure Analysis

DCX is the most integrated CFD suite in the market… It’s integrated with CAD tools to remove duplicated modeling effort. And it’s integrated with many DCIM solutions to bring live asset and monitoring data into the Virtual Facility, so you can constantly keep your model up to date.

We stake the reputation of our own engineering consultancy team on the quality and accuracy of our simulations. We continually demonstrate excellent agreement between the real measurements and our simulation results. DCX is the culmination of more than 15 years’ worth of data center engineering expertise. The result? Unparalleled accuracy.

Be confident in your data center resilience after a cooling failure or power failure. Test in a risk-free environment the impact of switching off fans, pumps, chillers or any part of your power network - ensure you are maintaining your resilience.

Complex Geometry

External Modeling

Model Outside the White Space

Today’s data centers don’t end at four walls and a roof, so why should your CFD tool? DCX allows you to analyze your plant layout against external environmental factors, including wind profiles, terrain roughness, solar gain, even exhaust emission contamination from generators. With the additional ability to import building CAD geometries to help you get the details right first time, it has never been easier to get the answers you are looking for.


Non DC Scenarios




Fully Supported

Investigate human comfort indices and concentrations to analyze dealer rooms, office spaces and clean rooms.

Units can be set to SI or Imperial standards, or fully customized to suit your requirements. With seven languages, including French, German, Chinese and Japanese, the DCX interface is globally accessible at the click of a button.

From installation, through building your first model, and onto becoming a power user, our engineering team will be there to support you at every step. With web conferencing, email and phone support, we will ensure you quickly get the most out of the product and start getting results from your very first project.
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