Think you know CFD for Data Centers?
Think Again.

6SigmaDCX is a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation tool that provides increased levels of productivity for data center design, troubleshooting and operation.

Leveraging 10 years’ experience in the data center domain, DCX dispels the notion that CFD is a “dark art.”  With its user interface designed with the help of data center professionals, DCX gives you the power of a best-in-class solution paired with an easy-to-use UI. Combine this with DCX’s unique ‘Virtual Facility’, and you have the full power of CFD at your fingertips.



  • Follow the easily-accessible ribbons - containing tools for building, solving, analysis and reporting - to move logically through the model-building process

  • Find the tools you need quickly with new, clearer icons that feature detailed tooltips.


  • Find any object in your model from one panel

  • Drag and drop objects straight into the model - DCX's powerful logic will automatically highlight potential target locations

  • Quick-search the DCX Vendor and Design Libraries, then drag and drop the results straight into the model.


  • Easily inspect the properties of every object in the model thanks to our redesigned and simplified property sheets. Use the new tabs to go straight to:

  • Essentials: the key properties for an object - enter data and begin solving for faster conceptual modeling

  • Properties: all the object's properties - access adanced settings for more detailed configurations

  • Results: object-associated results all in one place.


  • Model complex cooling controls, including master/slave configurations to control parameters such as velocity, humidity, pressure and temperature

  • Model cutting edge cooling systems, including air-to-air heat exchangers

  • Enjoy improved external modeling that includes templates with grid rules specifically required to model large spaces. Additional features include user-defined wind profiles and a compass.



  • Import CAD, asset inventory, deployment plans, power data and environmental data

  • Integrate with market-leading DCIM and CAD vendors

  • Combine this data in a calibrated engineering analysis model (the Virtual Facility) to provide a unique, risk-free view of the future

  • Export your results in a range of widely-accessible formats.

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